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How to Know What Field is Right for You

October 29, 2021

As an individual who has changed majors throughout my undergraduate experience, going from a math major to eventually finding my passion in the field of communications with an emphasis in advertising- finding the right field of study can be a daunting task. So, it is extremely important to fully research a certain field and ask yourself what you are going to use the degree attained for. Idaho State University offers students the option to be undecided once they are in college to give them time to find a field they are passionate about. It is important during this time to use all your possible resources in finding what you really want to do as a future career. Speaking with important figures in your life can guide certain thinking in discovering what you want to do such as having constant conversations with close friends or family members. Additionally, if you are declared as undecided or may be pursuing a degree that you are not fully passionate about, Idaho State University offers interpersonal advising and each student has a designated advisor who is there to help students with any questions or concerns they may have towards a program of study. With these resources, students still may have trouble fully committing to a field of study and may still question if they are on the right path. This article will dive deeper into providing a guide for students in taking the right course of action towards finding a field of study that is right for you. 


Have a plan


When deciding on a field of study when coming to college, it shouldn't be something that you have limited time in deciding and then finally choose a field of study based on time restraints. It is important to think about what you want to study at least six months in advance of entering college. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects is an initial step that can help guide you in finding degree options in college. One way of understanding your strengths and weaknesses is taking an assessment tool such as an aptitude test to understand where your strengths may lie. Idaho State University offers a free Online Career and Education Planning System called Focus2 (click here for more information) which is a self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you select the right major, clarify your career goals, and provide you with valuable occupation information. 


Gain real-world experience 


Once you have fully committed yourself towards a field of study, it is helpful to put yourself in a setting that provides you real-world experience to fully understand a potential career path. One way we can expose ourselves to this is getting an internship during the summer or gaining a CPI (Career Path Internship) while you are studying. At Idaho State University, The CPI Program is a paid internship program which allows students to gain hands-on, real world experience in their chosen course of study or an internship which aligns with the student’s career goals. The College of Business at Idaho State strives in helping students gain real-world experience that aligns with their emphasis in business, whether your emphasis is economics, accounting , finance, marketing, management, etc. Click here to find out more information about  Career Path Internships

Utilize college resources


There are many on-campus resources available for students at Idaho State Universities that are designed to guide them on the right path to set themselves up for success. Being concerned about knowing if you are in the right field is completely normal and resources such as the Career Center are tailored for students that need help in finding their path. Focus 2 is one of the resources offered by the Career Center that was discussed earlier. Besides the assessment tools offered, students can visit the Career Center located in the Museum building at Idaho State or book an appointment online for counseling and consultation sessions where representatives deal with student concerns about their college experience and are there to give students specific advice and a plan towards finding the right field of study. Additionally, another valuable resource that is offered by the College of Business is the Professional Development program. This program is designed to guide students through preparing for a successful career from starting out as a freshman to finding a job as a junior, senior or graduate student. Helping students find their desired field of study is an essential part of preparing students for a successful career.