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How to Get Back Into a School Routine

January 14, 2022

During a break, most students are spending time doing other activities that are unrelated to school. Any information retained seems to disappear into thin air as they direct their attention to something that is more enjoyable than the constant reading of textbooks and doing homework. The point of a break is in its name- to take your focus away from school. But what happens when that break ends and class is back in session? How do you drive your attention back into that school routine? It is a struggle, but we have gathered a few tips to help you get back on track.



  • Prioritize your health



Do you get the recommended amount of sleep every night? How often do you exercise? What do your everyday meals look like? Your health is a critical factor that influences your routine. If we are not keeping ourselves healthy, it only becomes that much harder to create a good school routine. For instance, it is hard to focus in class when you are constantly yawning along with your eyes drooping. Starting with a better sleep schedule is very doable and can make a huge difference. Try going to bed at an earlier time and keep your phone turned off and away from you. Everyone has different reasons why their sleep schedule is horrendous, but our phones are one of the most common reasons why. Ask yourself, how many hours do I spend scrolling through Tik Tok when I should really be sleeping right now? 


Exercising your mind and body not only keeps you healthy but provides a break from homework, which is just as important. Breaks are essential in preventing burnout and getting overwhelmed. There is always an emphasis on physical exercise, which can easily be done. However, your mind needs to be exercised as well. You can do this by meditation, listening to music, brain games such as puzzles, reading novels and more. 


When it comes to meals, it is much easier to find cheap alternatives such as ramen noodle packets and frozen meals. But in the long run, this affects your body and mood negatively. However, there are ways to eat healthy on a budget. Try taking some time to look for recipes online or watch a few YouTube videos. There are plenty of resources to help you better plan your meals and stick to your price point. 



  • Plan ahead and create a schedule



If you are in college, then you can agree that your plate is piled high with loads of work to be done. With everything needed to be completed and many different due dates, what is the best way to keep on track? We recommend getting a planner or using a calendar to write down your tasks. You can also use a planner or calendar to create a schedule. Creating a schedule helps you remember what needs to be done and when to do it. This can be especially helpful if you also happen to tackle other things like a job or extracurricular activities. One useful way of utilizing a schedule is to first make a to do list of all of your upcoming tasks in the next week, few weeks, or month (whatever time frame works best for you). Then, number that list by priority considering when it’s due and how long it’s going to take you to finish. Then, break out each day into time slots. Include when you will be in class, when you have to work, and when you have time for homework. Then, plug those prioritized tasks into your homework time slots. By estimating and thinking about how long each task is going to take you ahead of time, you can create a schedule that allows you to stay on top of your homework, without having to pull all-nighters to get things done on time… which brings us to our next point.



  • Gradually study



Do not cram everything at the last minute. Not only does it prevent you from understanding and retaining the course material, but it can easily stress you out. If you take a small amount of time each day to study and work on homework, you will be able to retain the information better. The easier it is to understand the material, the easier it will be to take tests and get a higher grade in the class.



  • Be optimistic 



If you keep a negative mindset towards school, you will fail to get back into a good routine. Focusing on the negatives makes it harder for you to want to do the work. Look for all the ways on how school can be positive and focus your attention on that. For example, you can remind yourself that once you are done with school, you can start on a career that is fulfilling to you. Once you’re done, your life will likely go back to a more normal routine with much more free time as well.. There is a lot of work and stress that school creates, but getting through that mental barrier and always remembering the end goal will make the experience easier. 


Getting back into the school routine is a struggle for everyone. We have included a few tips to help you such as prioritizing health, planning ahead and creating a schedule, gradually studying and having a more optimistic attitude. Try out a few of these things and see what works best for you. We wish you luck on your academic journey.