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How Talking to an Advisor Can Save You Time & Money

October 12, 2020

Finding classes that work with your schedule and allow you to graduate on time can be tough. It can be hard to tell if a class is only taught in the Fall or Spring semester and missing a class may delay your graduation by an entire year. 

Talking to an advisor can not only save you time, but also money! To illustrate the importance of talking to an advisor we interviewed Kristine McCarty the Director of Graduate Studies at Idaho State University College of Business.


How can advisors help students?

Advisors know the course catalog (which outlines graduation requirements) very well. They can help you find the most efficient route to graduation by creating a layout of your required coursework semester by semester. This helps ensure that you do not take any unnecessary courses, that you take all the required prerequisites in time, and that you don't miss any classes along the way. This helps you to graduate when you intend to without spending extra money on extra semesters that you could have avoided.

To get a students perspective we interviewed Leo Finsterbusch, a graduate student in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Idaho State University. 


How did meeting with an advisor help you?

I came to Idaho State from Germany as a freshman. Meeting with an advisor really helped me get into the right classes and set me up for success. The advisors at ISU are awesome and they were able to schedule all of my classes for the next 4 years until I graduated. With their help I graduated on time and never had to worry about finding the right classes that would count for my degree. 

Talking to an advisor early on in your college career is absolutely vital. It can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes and can save you thousands of dollars. Idaho State University does a great job of making advisors available to help all students plan their class schedule and start their college career off right.

If you are need to be with an advisor at the Idaho State College of Business, be sure to schedule an appointment through their website: