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Getting Involved on Campus

December 14, 2020

Getting involved on campus is a great way for college students to stay busy and have fun outside of class. It is also a great chance to meet new people and improve personal skills and development. The college experience can be more than just attending class and trying to get a degree. There are many activities at Idaho State University such as joining a club, going to sporting events, checking out the activities board, and much more. A few of these activities are listed below. 


The Student Leadership and Engagement Center


At Idaho State, there are 160+ clubs tailored to your interests. The Student Leadership and Engagement Center can help you find out what clubs exist and show what events are happening. By checking out their list of clubs, you can click on each link to find out what the clubs are about and learn who the officers are if you would like to contact them. You can also visit the Student Activities Board, who are always having new activities available on a regular basis. All of their events are free and have the goal of bringing students together and to promote student involvement.


The Bengal Theater and Stephens Performing Arts Center


At the Bengal Theater, they offer a small selection of movies playing, even seasonal ones too. Students with a Bengal ID can get in for free. Currently, they aren’t open for in-person visits, but have opened up streaming on their site. At Stephens Performing Arts Center, you can attend a wide variety of events such as plays, music and dance concerts, fundraisers, and more. Most of the events there do require a cost, but it is still fairly cheap for students. 


The Craft Shop


The Craft Shop is a great place for students who are creative and love creating art. They have a wood shop, clay studio and areas setup for sewing, tie dying, stained glass, silk painting, mat cutting for photos, paper cutting and working with fibers and leather. Workshops are also available and taught by local artists and craftspeople who have practiced it for years. Some workshops are designed for kids ages 8 and up as well. The Craft Shop is located on the lower level of the Pond Student Union Building. Head down the hallway past the Games Center. It's the last door on the left. You can visit their website to find out when classes are held.


The Games Center

Students can play bowling, billiards, and table tennis. One of the most unique things they offer Friday and Saturday nights is glow bowling, which is bowling in the dark with black lights. They hold specials all day on Mondays and from 2-5pm Tuesdays - Thursdays.


There are many events that you can take part in at Idaho State. Student involvement is incredibly important for students when it comes to the full college experience. If you would like to explore some of the activities held on campus, you can visit the Campus Life tab in Bengal Web or visit the Student Activities Board, which is located on the bottom floor of the Pond Student Union Building.