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Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation

March 11, 2019

We are just two months away from graduation! Since this is one of the biggest events in your college experience, we want to make sure you are fully prepared, so that you can enjoy the event stress-free! I spoke with Curtis Jones from the registrar’s office to get some helpful details about the university graduation. I also was able to talk to Kristine McCarty who is the Graduate Director for the College of Business, so I could get tips specific to business students. To all of you who are graduating, this is a good opportunity to make sure you have your checklist complete. For those of you who are looking to graduate at a later term, make sure to read through this list so that you can be ready when the time comes.


  1. How and when do I apply to graduate?
  2. You can apply to graduate on BengalWeb! Ideally, you will complete this the semester prior to graduating. If you wait until the semester you want to graduate to apply, you may have missed something in your DegreeWorks and after the add/drop date it’s too late to add another class! This would postpone your graduation until the next semester, so make sure you apply on time!


  1. How many options are there to graduate?
  2. We have three options for graduation: May, August, and December. However, there is only ONE commencement ceremony, which is in May. If you are a spring or summer graduate, you will be invited to the commencement of that year. If you are a fall graduate, you will be invited to the commencement of the following year.


  1. How do I know if I’m on track to graduate?
  2. Those who audit students for graduation use the DegreeWorks tool which you can also find on your BengalWeb. This shows all past and current coursework and will show what needs to be done in order to graduate. It’s very important to meet with your advisor regularly to make sure you are on track, and to devise a plan to help you reach your deadlines. For undergraduate business students, your advisor is Tara Smith, and she is located in the 510 suite on the fifth floor of the Business Administration building.


  1. Can I transfer credits from another university in my final semester?
  2. This is definitely not recommended, but not impossible. Transfer credits are dangerous in your last semester, because the other classes may end after our required end date, which is May 3 for this year. This can be problematic because if the coursework is not finished by May 3, the student will have to wait until the August graduation.


  1. If I have an incomplete that I’m planning on finishing in the summer, can I still graduate in May?
  2. If you have a class shown as incomplete on your DegreeWorks, you will not be eligible to graduate as all coursework must be finished by May 3. You would have to wait for the August graduation in this case. That being said, you will still be invited to walk at the May commencement ceremony, you will just not actually graduate until the August graduation date.


  1. How do I change my address for where I want my diploma sent?
  2. You MUST call the registrar’s office and speak with Curtis and let him know the address you would like to change to. Simply changing the address on BengalWeb isn’t sufficient, and the registrar’s office needs to know these details.


  1. Is there a separate commencement for the College of Business?
  2. Yes! The College of Business commencement is held the Friday before the main commencement and it is held at Frasier hall. There is also a graduate breakfast before the CoB commencement at Juniper Hills Country Club. You’ll receive an invitation to this breakfast if you graduate during the academic year.


  1. What should I wear to the College of Business commencement? Do I have to wear my cap and gown?
  2. No, you do not have to wear your cap and gown, but you can if you would like! If you decide against it, please dress business casual or business professional instead.


  1. How long is the College of Business commencement?
  2. The CoB commencement is roughly an hour and a half, from start to finish. However, it is preferred that you arrive a little early, in order to get your reader card and find your seat.


  1. How many people can I invite?
  2. You can invite as many people as you would like to the College of Business commencement! You will just need to let the College know ahead of time, so that we know how much food to get. It should also be noted that you will not be sitting with your family during the ceremony, so if you have children, please make sure someone else will be able to sit with them.


  1. Does the College of Business commencement have wheelchair access?
  2. Yes, our ceremony is held in Frasier Hall, which has the accommodations for wheelchairs.



Students planning on graduating this spring will need to RSVP to the College of Business ceremony by March 22 (that’s over spring break BTW). Go to to reserve your space in the ceremony.