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FAQs for Admissions Advisors

November 1, 2019

Most of us will have questions when registering for a new semester or even just for school in general. This week, we asked the graduate and undergraduate admissions advisors at the College of Business to tell us what they get asked most often, so if you’ve had a burning question that you needed to ask, it just might be answered today!

FAQs for Graduate Programs


1) Why should I go to grad school? 


Graduate school can increase job opportunities and your ability to move upward in an organization. Graduate education gives you more in-depth and expanded knowledge in an area (such as business, accounting, or healthcare administration). On average, people with graduate degrees in business make more than their counterparts with just undergraduate degrees. 


Plus, for students with an undergraduate in business, most College of Business graduate degrees are just one extra year!

2) What do I need to get on the GMAT or GRE? 


For admission to graduate school at ISU, we use the following formulas when evaluating a student for admission: 


  1. 66*GPA of last 60 credits hours + (GRE Verbal + GRE Quantitative) > 337


200*GPA of last 60 credit hours + GMAT Score > 1150

So, you can plug in your GPA to get a sense of what you should shoot for on the exam.

3) How long does grad school take? 


For most College of Business students, your graduate program will be one year full-time.

4) Are there scholarships available? 


Yes! Graduate students can apply for scholarships on the Bengal Online Scholarship System. They can also apply for graduate and lab assistant positions. GA positions cover a students full tuition in the program and pay a stipend over the academic year; GAs work up to twenty hours per week for the college. GA positions pay $18 per hour, and those students do tutoring for undergraduate coursework. 

FAQs for  Undergraduate Programs


How do I apply?

You will need to submit an application online at:  


What are the next steps after I submit an application?

A list has been created to help students check off all th necessary steps before attending ISU:  


How will I know which courses will transfer in?

ISU has a transfer articulation database which shows how each course will transfer in.  If a course does not transfer in as an equivalent, you can petition the College of Business.  You can pick up a petition in BA, 510.


How much is undergraduate tuition? 


What majors are there in the College of Business?

There are a variety of majors to choose from including a flexible BBA's which allow you to double major at no extra courses.


How do I apply for Scholarships?

All scholarships go through the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS), for instructions and important deadlines visit:  

Didn’t see your question get answered? Check out the FAQ page for more frequently asked questions geared toward current and new incoming students: