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October 22, 2021

Since midterms have just passed, now is a good time to reflect on your progress and review how your grades are doing. If you are excelling in success, great job and keep it going. If you seem to be struggling, do not give up or feel discouraged. College is not easy and receiving help is highly recommended and encouraged. That is why we have decided to highlight a few resources available to college students that will help you academically, personally or career-wise.


Academic help


  • Tutoring


One of the best ways of getting academic help is to seek out tutoring. Tutoring gives you a one-on-one experience with someone who is knowledgeable about the subject. Tutors will not only assist you in getting good grades and high test scores, but show you how to develop good studying skills, time management and overall improve your confidence. Idaho State University offers the Math and Writing Centers where you can find tutoring help, but if you are looking for tutoring that is more specific to your courses, your college may have specific tutoring resources as well. The Idaho State University College of Business has a number of graduate students working as tutors in BA 506, you can check out their  tutoring schedule online. 



  • Student Success Center


Idaho State also has a Student Success Center. On their webpage, there are multiple resources included to aid you in your academics. One of the options provided is their Academic Skills Handouts page. They offer tips on note taking, memory, reading strategies, stress management, test preparation and time management. Each link leads you to a PDF about tips and tricks that are worth looking into.


Personal help


  • Counseling and Testing Center


If you are personally struggling with your mental health, there are several counseling options on Idaho State University’s campus. You can choose between individual counseling, group counseling and biofeedback services that are all free of charge and stay completely confidential. They also have training and workshop sessions that happen weekly and are a great way to take a break from work and your studies to focus on your mental health. 



  • Wellness Center


Physical health has a big impact on your mental health and your ability to retain information, and do well in school.  The Wellness Center offers many resources such as fitness assessments, videos, training, coaching and more. They also have classes Monday - Saturday that focus on cardio and strength training or mind and body wellness. For COVID precautions, there is a virtual running club that posts weekly challenges for motivation. If you happen to have time outside of your studies and want to work on staying fit, the Wellness Center at Idaho State is worth checking out. 


Career help


  • Candid Career


Uncertain of what career you should look into? The Idaho State Career Center is available to give advice and help you with any questions or assistance you need for your career. One of the options they have is called Candid Career, which is a collection of videos about different careers, networking and resumes. Each video features an expert in their field who gives students advice on how to get where they are. Candid Career is great for those who are interested in learning more about certain jobs.



  • Career Fairs


Throughout the year, the Career Center hosts career fairs for students who are seeking internships or full-time jobs. However, even if you aren’t looking to get a job, visiting these career fairs is a great way to network and practice soft skills. Prior to visiting, students should update or develop their resume, which the Career Center welcomes students to contact them for reviews. They also have a “Career Closet,” which is a place where students can borrow professional clothes if they do not have any currently. 


  • Career Counseling

The Career Center at Idaho State also has a number of Career Counselors. These advisors can get you set up with personality and other tests to help you determine what career path is best for you and your interests. They can also help you prepare your resume, get ready for interviews, and offer personalized career advice.  

If you are struggling in any of these areas, getting help is always a good idea. We highlighted only a few out of several resources that Idaho State offers and we highly encourage you to look into options that fit your needs. If you are interested in searching for other resources, visit the University Resources tab in Bengal Web or visit the link here. There is no shame in seeking out help. Your college career should be a great experience and one that will shape a successful future for you. So, take advantage of these resources to help you succeed and enjoy the college experience.