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A college education truly changes your life. Scholarships, innovative facilities and opportunities are what makes that impact possible. Your contribution will go a long way in making a difference in our students' lives. 


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Kelsey West, '14


Writing Contributors:

Mark Arstein

Corinne Brown, '18 & '19

Alex Bolinger, '02, '04, '04  

Kayla Gunning, '19

Charlotte McBride, '21

John Ney

Sophia Perry, '20

Jeff Street

Joanne Tokle

Kelsey West, '14



Kelsey West, '14



Kaushal Wagle, '19

Kelsey West, '14




Kelsey West, '14



Joanne Tokle, Ph.D. Acting Dean

Bob Houghton, Ph.D. Associate Dean

John Ney, Assistant Dean


College of Business Development:

Kent Tingey, Vice President of University Advancement 

(208)221.3549 |