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Center for New Directions Counseling Services


All services are free and confidential. Call (208) 282-2454 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Career Counseling

  • Explore Career Options
  • Assess interests and skills to guide career choices
  • Guidance in selecting educational and training programs
  • Referrals to other resources for skill development

Career counseling is about exploration, finding out who you are and where you would be most successful and happy at this point in your life.

Career counselors at the Center for New Directions (CND) assist individuals explore their career options, educational opportunities, and job opportunities.

The CND counselors use career assessment tools, such as the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). The Strong Interest Inventory helps the client identify his or her interests and then begin the process of career exploration. The MBTI is a personality inventory instrument that provides an accurate picture of a person's personality type. CND counselors also use the Career Information System (CIS), an online career information program that provides information about various careers and educational programs.

Additionally, counselors provide information, resources, and referrals regarding admission applications, financial aid, and educational program information. All services are free and confidential. Call (208) 282-2454 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Nontraditional Occupations (NTO) for Women and Men

  • Defined as occupations with less than 25 percent gender representation in workforce
  • Specialized counseling and mentoring for students in NTO programs
  • Annual Women and Work Conference for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and trades.
  • Student networking activities

Personal Counseling

  • Mental health counseling offered to College of Technology students and to community members who have career or education goals
  • Address and reduce barriers to educational and occupational success
  • Counseling provided by licensed professional counselors and supervised counseling interns

The CND counselors provide mental health counseling to community members who are looking for new directions in employment, training, or education, and to current or prospective College of Technology (COT) students. Often times, personal issues must be addressed in order to be successful on the job or in an educational program, as these problems may act as a barrier to accomplishing goals. CND counselors assist individuals in addressing and reducing these barriers.

Single Parent Support Services

  • Career and personal counseling
  • Student networking activities
  • Referrals to Single Parent Student Resources

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