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Replace a PDF

If you have a PDF that needs to be updated you should replace the PDF that is already in the Media Library.

Here is the process for doing that:


Locate the PDF in the Media Library and open it
Note the file name

PDF file name


Rename the New PDF

Rename the new updated pdf to match the file name of the PDF that is already in the Media Library.
Renaming is done on your computer and not in TerminalFour.
PDFs are renamed by a slow double-click on the PDF or by selecting the PDF and pressing F2

In this example, the PDF in the Media Library is named call-of-cthulhu.pdf.
If the new PDF is called call of Cthulhu update January2016.pdf, it needs to be changed to call-of-cthulhu.pdf

PDF should be renamed


Upload the New PDF

Drag the new PDF (that you just renamed) in to the box that says 'Drop file here or click to choose'

Drag the pdf into the upload box

SAVE the file.

You are done.

You don't have to change any links on any pages.


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