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Sidebar Content Types

Page layouts that use the left navigation or top navigation with right sidebar can make use of the sidebar content types.

See display of sidebar types

Setting up the sidebar

From the action menu of your homepage section (the one at the top of your hierarchy) create a new section.

Name the section either left_sidebar or right_sidebar.

Uncheck 'Show in navigation'.

Save changes

Section set up for a sidebar


You can then add content to this sidebar section as you would for any other section.
Available types are:

All users have access to:

Sidebar Contact us
This sidebar allows you place all of your contact info in one place. Content is displayed in a specific order.

Sidebar generic content
This sidebar has a header bar and general content

General Content
The general content type you use in the body of pages can also be used in the sidebar


Available upon request:

Social Media Feed
Streams from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can be fed into the sidebar

Multiple Sidebars

Sidebars are a recursive feature. Meaning that the page layout will look up and down the site structure to find a sidebar section. If you want a certain section to have a different sidebar than the other sections in your site, simply create a sidebar section directly underneath it. The page layout looks for the sidebar that is directly under a section. Then it looks up and down the structure to find one.