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Making an Image Slider

Unlike other content, the image slider requires multiple content types in order to function correctly.

You must first add a Slider Wrapper type to a page.

Then each slide is a Slider Slide type.

 Content types involved with sliders - wrapper and slides

In the content tab of your chosen section, click 'Create Content'. Choose Slider Wrapper from the list. Give the wrapper a name and save it.

Now you are ready to add slides. Each slide is a content type. Create Content and choose Slider slide from the list.

The slider slide content type

Select and image from the media library.
All slider image must be the same size - see guidelines for image sizes

Caption heading text will appear on top of the image and is optional.

The slide can link to another page by choosing 'Add section link' or 'Add content link' and navigating to the appropriate item in the site structure. A link URL can also be used. This option requires the full url (

You can change the order in which slides appear by dragging them into a new position in the content list.