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Using the Column Single Types

Column Singles allow you to use different content types in adjacent columns.

In order to use these types, you must ask permission. Access can be given to existing web groups or individuals.


Row content types are used with the single types

In order for the column single types to function correctly, they must be sandwiched between an opening and closing row type.

All content on the website is placed within a row. Normally, it's happening in the back end where you don't see it.

There are 3 row types:

  • Row Open - opens the row
  • Row Close - closes the row
  • Row Close and Open - closes a row and opens a new row simultaneously


The content types should be arranged like this:

Row Open is at the top of the list. Row Close is at the bottom. Any Column Single type you choose must go between them. This example uses 2 General Content single types between the Row types.


You must specify a width for each Column Single type

Each of the Column Single types has a field that allows you to choose a width by percentage.

This field is required. The total percentages of content types within a row should equal 100%.

Field for choosing size of column