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Idaho State University

How to Navigate the Site Structure

When you login you will see the site structure, where all the University's sites are stored.

Site Structure


Items listed in the site structure are called 'sections'. Click on a section to edit it. It will take you to the General Section Details.

General Section Information


Clicking on the content tab will show you all the content types being used on the page.

List of content types on page


Clicking on the name or choosing 'Edit' in the actions menu will allow you do edit the content.

About the Site Structure

Ths site structure is like the homepage of TerminalFour. It shows you all of the pages you have access to edit.

From the site structure you can:

  • Create a new section
  • Open a section to edit it
  • Publish sections and branches
  • Bookmark a section
  • See how many content types are approved, pending, or inactive in each section


Site Structure