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Migrating Your Site to the CMS

All sites currently on the university’s web server will be migrated to the CMS (TerminalFour).

If your site’s URL contains, it will most likely have to be moved.

Migration is a multi-step process that typically requires 6-12 weeks.


How it works

1. Attend Content Training

The first and most important step is re-working your existing content. Content training will provide you with information and tools to take an audit of what is on your site in order to re-organize and edit it.

Training Schedule

Emily Frandsen is available to help with your content process at the following times:
Mondy, Tuesday, Thursday 9-11
Wednesday, Friday 1-3


2. Organize Your Content and Site

Consider what pages should be on your site and what content should go on each page. This will help you determine what items should be in your site’s navigation (menu).

Try to cut your content in half.

After content training, we will provide you with a folder in Google Docs, where you will put the text, files, and photos you want on your site. We have created an example of how your Google Docs pages will become a website:

Sample Site

Sample Google Docs

We are available to help you at any time during this process. 


Creating Structure

During this process, you will also want to think about templates (page layouts) and content types.

There are 3 templates:

Content types allow you to arrange your content in specific ways. These are the pieces that will make up your website (columns, image sliders, etc.).
Common Content Types are available for all sites.

It may be helpful to look at sites that have already been migrated.

Content Tips


This is an excellent time to get new photos for your site. In general, the CMS uses much larger photos than what is currently on ISU websites. We highly recommend getting new faculty/staff portraits as well.

You can schedule a photography session with Eric Gordon at Photographic Services.

The university also maintains an archive of photos at We will explain how to download photos during the migration process.


When the first two steps are completed your site will be migrated into the CMS by a staff member in Web Communications.


3. Review Your Site and Go Live

When the site is migrated you will be asked to review it in order to see if anything has been missed or imputed incorrectly.

At this point, we will also discuss your URL
All URLs begin with
URLs should be acronyms or whole words
Redirects for any previous URLs are available

Step 3 should take no more than 2 weeks.  The entire migration process involves approximately 40,000 pages. For this reason, we must insist on a quick turnover.

A backup of your old site will be made.


4. Attend CMS Training

After your site has been migrated. You will be invited to attend CMS training. You will learn how to use the CMS to make edits and additions to your website.

You do not need to know any code
You do not need Dreamweaver or other software
You do need solid computer skills, organizational skills, and familiarity with commonly used software

Training Schedule


Contact for more information


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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