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Idaho State University

Sidebar Content Types

There are a number of content types that function in the left_sidebar or right_sidebar sections.

They are displayed on the right.
(or below if you're on a small screen)



Allows you place all of your contact info in one place. Content is displayed in a specific order.


This sidebar has a header bar and general content.

General Content

The general content type you use in the body of pages can also be used in the sidebar.

Social Media Feed

Feeds from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Contact Us

(282) 123-4567

(282) 234-5678

(282) 555-5555

Idaho State University

921 South 8th Avenue

Pocatello, Idaho, 83209


Generic content area where any information can be placed

A second generic content area where any information can be placed

General Content

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