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Neelam Sharma

Neelam Sharma

Assistant Professor & Co-Director of Graduate Studies in Communication

Office: Frazier Hall 216 D

(208) 282-3471


BC, Commerce, Panjab University; MA, Mass Communication, Panjab University; PhD, Public Communication and Technology, Colorado State University


Journalism, Health Communication

Courses Taught:

CMP1110: Media Writing; CMP2203: Media Literacy; CMP2241: Introduction to Public Relations; CMP3311: Business and Political Reporting

As a communication scholar who is passionate about researching entertainment media's influence on society, I am particularly interested in investigating the effects of pro-social messages embedded in popular media. Specifically, the intersection of narrative processing, mental models, and health communication particularly intrigues me as a researcher. I am also interested in examining the effects of new media on patient-provider relationship.

My dissertation research focuses on examining the effect of narrative performance on media audience's beliefs about transgender persons. This mixed-methods research goes beyond the cognitive metaphor of 'transportation' to elaborate a 'performance' metaphor, extending the narrative processing literature theoretically as well as methodologically. This research has implications for using strategic narratives for social advocacy and policy change.

My ongoing research examines the effect of website information on the patient-provider relationship. This research provides recommendations for practitioners on how to mitigate the negative effects of incorrect web information accessed by the readers.

Selected Publications

Sharma, N. (2016). What do readers’ mental models represent? Understanding audience processing of narratives by analyzing mental models drawn by fiction readers in India. International Journal of Communication, 10, 2785–2810.

Awards & Honors

Graduate Instructor of the Year (2014-2015), Department of Journalism and Media Communication, CSU, Spring 2016.

Young Journalist of the Year award, 2005. Press Club, Chandigarh (India).