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John Gribas 2021

John Gribas

Professor & Associate Dean for Fine Arts and Humanities

Office: Business Administration 247

(208) 282-5801


BS, Secondary Education, Eastern Montana College; MA/PhD, Communication Studies, University of Kansas


Corporate Communication & Leadership

Courses Taught:

CMP3308: Groups and Communication; CMP4420: Advanced Leadership Communication

I grew up the son of a self-employed carpenter in northern Montana and attended Eastern Montana College (now MSU-Billings) as a first-generation college student. I began my career as an educator working with junior high and high school students in Billings, Montana, teaching art, language arts, theatre, English, and speech communication, and I coached competitive debate. I moved to the Midwest, earned my PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas in 1993, and have been at ISU since 1996.

As a scholar, I am interested in exploring how language choices impact human thought and action. In particular, I am fascinated with ways people use metaphor to refer to themselves as organized groups. My interest in groups and communication really comes from many years of participation with educational, community, and professional summer repertory theatre. I love downhill skiing, remodeling my home, and, most of all, spending time with my family.

Selected Publications:

Gribas, J., Disanza, J. R., Gershberg, Z. M., and Legge, N. (2017). Finding story in unexpected places: Branding and the role of narrative in the study of communication. In B. Attebery, J. Gribas, M. K. McBeth, P. Sivitz, and K. Turley-Ames (Eds.), Narrative, identity, and academic community in higher education (pp. 91-110). New York, NY: Routledge.

Gribas, J., DiSanza, J., Legge, N., Hartman, K. L., Santee, C. (2015). Exploring the alignment of image repair tactics to audience type. In J. R. Blaney (Ed.), Putting Image Repair to the Test: Quantitative Applications of Image Restoration Theory (pp. 41-62). Lexington Books.

Driskill, G., & Gribas, J. (2013). Enacting grace and truth: A communication perspective on interfaith dialogue (pp. 11-36). In D. Brown (Ed.), Interfaith dialogue in practice: Christian, Muslim, Jew (pp. 11-36). Kansas City, MO: Rockhurst University Press.

Legge, N., DiSanza, J., Gribas, J., & Shiffler, A. (2012). "He sounded like a vile, disgusting pervert...": An analysis of persuasive attacks on Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke controversy. Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 19, 173-205.

Gribas, J. (2008). Doing teams while being the body: Managing spiritual/secular dialectical tensions of defining the church collective through transcendent metaphor. The Journal of Communication and Religion, 31, 206-244.

Gribas, J., Disanza, J. R., Hartman, K. L., Carr, D. J., & Legge, N. J. (2021). Exploring the effectiveness of image repair tactics: Comparison of U.S. and Middle Eastern audiences. Communication Research Reports, DOI: 10.1080/08824096.2021.1909550

 Bass, C. W., & Gribas, J. (2020). Factors to consider while attempting image restoration: Limitations to the impact of sound strategy application. American Journal of Management20, 59-77.

Gribas, J., Disanza, J., & Legge, N., Hartman, K. L. (2018). Organizational image repair tactics and crisis type: Implications for crisis response strategy effectiveness. International Journal of Crisis & Risk Communication, 1, 225-252.

Awards & Honors: