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Elizabeth (Betsy) Brunner

Elizabeth (Betsy) Brunner

Assistant Professor

Office: Frazier Hall 216 C

(208) 282-1478


BA, English, Ohio University; MFA, Painting & Art History, Ohio University; MA, Communication, University of Colorado Denver; PhD, Communication, University of Utah


Visual Rhetoric, Media Studies, Social Movements

Courses Taught:

COMM1101: Principles of Speech (Honors); CMP2203: Media Literacy; CMP2286: Visual Rhetoric; CMP4404: Gender and Communication; CMP6630: Social Media and Social Movements

My academic journey is a circuitous one that led me through English literature, art history, and life as a painter and installation artist, before eventually leading me to communication. In 2011, I took my first trip to China as part of a study abroad program, became interested in the culture and communication practices, and have returned every year since to learn the language and conduct research. My diverse background informs my current scholarship, which examines images, social media, social movements, and environmentalism with a focus on China.

Dr. Brunner’s CV

Dr. Brunner’s Website

Selected Publications

Brunner, E. (2017). Wild Public Networks and Affective Movements in China: Environmental Activism, Social Media, and Protest in Maoming. Journal of Communication, (67)5, 665-677.

Brunner, E., and Dawson, V. (2017). Marketing the Recreational Sublime: Jumbo Wild and the Rhetorics of Humans in Nature. Critical Studies in Media Communication, (34)4, 386-399.

Brunner, E. (2017). Contemporary Environmental Art in China: Portraying Progress, Politics, and Ecosystems. Environmental Communication, (12)3, 402-413.

Brunner, E. & DeLuca, K. (2016). The Force of Image Networks: Greenpeace’s Panmediated Global Detox Campaign. Argumentation and Advocacy, (52)4, 281-299.

DeLuca, K., Brunner, E., & Sun Y. (2016). “Weibo, WeChat, and the Transformative Events of Environmental Activism in China. International Journal of Communication, 10, 321-329.

Awards & Honors

Idaho Humanities Council Grant: Research funding to travel to China for book project, Ziran: China’s Changing Concept of Nature and Its Environmental Impacts (2018)

Top Paper: Marketing the Sublime: Jumbo Wild and the Rhetorics of Humans in Nature, Western States Communication Association, Salt Lake City, UT. (co-author, Veronica Dawson) (2017)

Top Paper: Under the Dome: Affective Winds Over Panmediated Networks. Western States Communication Association, San Diego, CA. (co-author: Kevin DeLuca) (2016)