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Idaho State University

Student Physical Therapist Association - Meridian

Name E-Mail
Advisor Jill Harris
President Tom Essig


A.    Public relations and education:
1.    To educate the university, community, and state about physical
therapy health care services.
2.    To act as advocates for students and community members with
3.    To offer social activities in which PT students may get together
outside of class and school functions.
B.    Supporting Activities:
1.    To promote the fellowship within the student organization.
2.    To raise funds to address the needs and purposes of the student
organization, to attend professional meetings and conferences, and expenditures deemed relevant and beneficial by the SPTA-Meridian members in furthering the ISU PT program.
3.    To promote professional development through guest lectures and participation in the student organization ISU SPTA-Meridian
4.    To promote services for the local community.