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Idaho State University

Pre-Physician Assistant Association

Name E-Mail
Advisor Vicki Allen
President Kelsi Shawcroft


The Purpose of the Pre-Physician Assistant Association shall be:

To develop student knowledge of the PA profession through presentations, guest speakers, and learning seminars.
To increase awareness of the PA profession by interacting with the ISU campus community and having bi-monthly meetings.  To support all students pursuing the PA career by providing guidance in the application process for entering PA schools, consulting with admission representatives and peers.  To encourage academic and extracurricular pursuits toward the goal of becoming a PA by promoting study group, support in academics, and educating students about opportunities.  To support all students aspiring to be PAs by providing application information, study group help, learning seminars and any other needed support. To provide direction and information to curious students who may be thinking about PA school.  To work with community PAs and PA students to create professional relationships.