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ISU Meridian Health Care maintains privacy according to HIPAA rules and requirements. All patients are welcome for preventative care, including the ones without insurance. No one will be turned down for NP lead care. The clinic holds no prejudice to race, creed, color or socioeconomic status. Everyone is welcome for great medical care.

ISU Meridian Health Care is now offering acute and preventative care to ISU faculty and staff and community members. We offer private, clean, and comfortable exam rooms with care from board-certified nurse practitioners. Your quality health care services are conveniently provided on campus with short wait times. People are kept healthy through immunizations, blood tests, annual exams, and treatment of ongoing medical issues such as diabetes or blood pressure.

ISU Meridian Health Care provides the following service, among others:


  • PAP tests
  • Annual Well Woman Exam
  • Family Planning
  • Acute Gynecology Problems


  • Newborn Wellness Care
  • Infant Wellness Care
  • Child wellness Exams
  • Sports Physicals
  • Possible Immunizations 
  • Acute care - ear infections, sore throat, joint pain


  • Removal of minor lesions, skin tags, moles and warts
  • Biopsies of suspicious dermatological lesions and/or referral
  • Allergy Testing via lab work

 Basic Immunizations:

  • Referral to ISU Clinics Pharmacology vaccine program
  • Routine wellness childhood vaccines (via IRIS state program)

 Adult Medicine:

  • Preventive and Routine Services
  • Annual Wellness Exams
  • Diabetic Teaching and/or Referral to ISU Clinics dietetics/nutrition program
  • EKGs