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Idaho State University


Obligations Under the Award

Should you be awarded an S-STEM Scholarship, you will be obligated to:

  • Complete the NSF S-STEM Scholar Survey annually
  • Maintain your status as a full time student (12 credits hours per semester) in Chemistry and/or Biochemistry
  • Maintain a 3.00 GPA
  • Make satisfactory progress towards chemistry or biochemistry degree
  • Meet with your designated S-STEM advisor regularly
  • Act as a peer mentor during your second year in the program
  • Participate in S-STEM related activities
  • Complete surveys and interviews required for program assessment

Opportunities for Scholarship Recipients

Research Funding

Earn CPI Funding by Conducting Research. Undergraduate research activity correlates strongly with the success of ISU’s chemistry students, and all students are encouraged to eventually join a research lab. The Career Path Internship program at ISU provides paid internship opportunities to students to conduct research, and a portion of this program’s budget is set aside to support S-STEM scholars. Once you have established yourself in a lab performing undergraduate research for credit (CHEM 3311), you should approach your advisor regarding the availability of CPI or other funding to support your research.


Travel to Chemistry Conferences. Every year there are several major chemistry conferences around the country, and many smaller meetings for more specialized fields or regions. Attending these meetings is a great way to get a broader perspective about what chemistry is all about, and start visualizing your future after you leave ISU. The scholarship provides travel support to students traveling to conferences/meetings to encourage this activity. If you are interested, you must plan ahead by consulting with your advisor and submitting abstracts by due dates. Many abstracts are due long in advance of meeting dates (up to six months).


Current S-STEM Scholars

Rosemary Anibogwu

Philomon K. Bileng

Tanner Blotter

Kali Castle

Jacob Diehl

Seth Helsley

Isaiah Long

Katelynn Miller

Katelyn Miller

Callan Norby

Kennalee Orme

Joseph Simmons

Joseph Simmons

Jayden Skinner

Bailey Vahsholtz