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Idaho State University
J Kalivas website 2018

Dr. John Kalivas


Office: Physical Science Complex, 253A

(208) 282-2726

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Washington – 1982

Research areas: Analytical Chemistry, Chemometrics, Chemical Education

Student experience required for research: Chem 1111 and Chem 1112

Student experience gained from research: Data analysis, modeling, computational chemistry, spectroscopy, teaching

Ideal preparation for: Chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, medical, environmental, and agriculture research, teaching, and preparation for graduate school in Chemistry or other professional schools.



For MATLAB code to perform Tikhonov regularization without reference samples, see MATLAB Code

For MATLAB code to perform sum of ranking differences (SRD), see 2013_12_16_SRD.7z

For MATLAB code to preform fusion classification, see 2018_3_1_ClassificationCode.7z

For MATLAB code to preform Model updating by sample and feature augmentation, see 2018_9_13_SAFA

For MATLAB code to perform single-class fusion classification with SRD, see 2019_11_25_SingleClassCode.7z

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