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Idaho State University
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Dr. Lisa Goss

Associate Professor

Office: Physical Science Complex 340A, Pocatello

(208) 282-2542

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder – 1998

Research Areas: Medical isotopes and radiochemistry, high resolution vibrational spectroscopy and atmospheric chemistry, pedagogy of physical chemistry

Student experience required for research: Chem 111, Chem 112, enrolled in Chem 232 for project 1, enrolled in Chem 351 for projects 2 & 3, completion of Chem 112 and programming or SME experience for project 4

Student experience gained from research: Ion exchange separations and radiochemistry for project 1, rotational and vibrational spectroscopy, quantum mechanics for projects 2 & 3, programming for project 4

Ideal preparation for: Graduate school in chemistry, employment in analytical labs, teaching chemistry

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