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Idaho State University
Karl De Jesus

Dr. Karl De Jesus


Office: Physical Science Complex 355, Pocatello

(208) 282-2673

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison – 1986

Research area: Synthetic organic chemistry, organosilane chemistry, isotopic labeling

Student experience required for research: Students must have taken Chem 111, 112, 301, and 303 as a minimum. Preference is given to those with Chem 302, 304 and a long-term commitment to being in the research group.

Student experience gained from research: Inert atmosphere techniques, extraction and distillation techniques, and purification techniques such as preparatory thin layer and flash chromatography. Instrumental analysis (GC, GC-MS, IR, and NMR) so students will gain hands on experience on each of these instruments. Students are very encouraged to present their results at meetings and symposia thus gaining experience in presentation preparation and public speaking.

Ideal preparation for: Past students have gained scientific analysis skills that have served them well in a variety of industries including the semiconductor industry. The skills are most directly applicable to industrial positions involving spectroscopic analysis or materials preparations. In the past these have included the pharmaceutical, chemical manufacture, and polymer industries. Moreover, the biological and labeling components are good training for biochemical or medicinal research.

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