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Undergraduate Programs

The ISU Department of Chemistry is proud to offer multiple degree paths to better suit our student's wide ranging academic needs. Each of the following MAPs and flow charts are designed are for planning purposes only and to help simplify the class selection process and promote post-academic success in whatever field our graduates may choose. They should not be considered official dictations on how to navigate the program.

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Science - Chemistry

This is the most rigorous program for the department, designed to prepare students who are planning to go on to careers or Ph.D. programs in chemistry. It is accredited by the American Chemical Society, and encompasses a strong foundation in all the traditional divisions of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry.

Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry

This degree program sacrifices depth in the other disciplines for a more specific focus on theoretical and technical content specific to the interface of chemistry and molecular biology. It is designed to provide strict and thorough preparation for students pursuing employment or further education specifically in biochemistry.

Bachelor of Arts - Chemistry

Designed to allow students greater flexibility in shaping their degree programs, the most notable difference from other paths is that it does not require the completion of calculus. This program is intended to expand the accessibility of chemistry degrees, especially for those switching to a chemistry major later in their undergraduate careers and for those whom chemistry might be only one facet of their ultimate career plans.

Minor Degrees

Minor in Chemistry

Whether it's to add some chemistry experience to a different major, add credits towards graduation, or just a want to explore the field without the commitment of a full degree, this program is designed to give a broad overview of the fundamentals of chemistry.

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