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Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (C-SURF)


Must be a Chemistry or Biochemistry major currently enrolled as Sophomores or Juniors.

Students must be either part-time or full-time and be in good academic standing.

Students must be conducting research in the Chemistry Department during the Summer session.

The funds will cover up to $2500 in wages ($12 per hour) for the awardees.


Expectations of awardees:

1) Award recipients are expected to work a minimum of 20-30 hours per week for approximately 8-10 weeks during the summer.

2) Award recipients are expected to present a poster or other presentation on their summer research at an appropriate venue such as ISU's Undergraduate Research Symposium or another professional meeting/conference.

3) Award recipients are expected to submit a Final Report to the Department Chair that includes:

  • Summary of your project accomplishments (research results)
  • How this project has benefited your education
  • Any other comments you may have

This final report deadline can vary, please check with the Department Chair for an exact date.

Students should submit the following electronically:

1. Abstract (approximately 250 words)

  • Description of research project including significance and approach(es).

2. Chemistry Research Advisor Letter of Support

3. History of Research by Student Applicant

  • List research advisor(s) and time(s) of research, include any poster or other presentations or papers.

4. Unofficial Transcript

5. Student Statement (single-spaced and no more than one page in length) that answers the following questions:

  • Describe why they would like to participate in this research project. 
  • Project timeline including start and end dates (8-10 weeks)
  • How will it benefit their education? 
  • How will it benefit future careers? 

For more information please contact or 208-282-4444.


Deadline for all applicants is February 1st of each year.

  • If the deadline falls on a weekend, then applications will be due the Monday after.