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Idaho State University

Visualizations & Story Maps

MILES Pocatello Story Map

Portneuf Place-Based Stories

A Story Map by Yolonda Youngs, Geography at Idaho State University
Playing on the Portneuf

Playing on the Portneuf

Highlighting recreation opportunities & challenges.

by Drs. Danelle Larson, Colden Baxter, Yolonda Youngs
Bonneville Flood Path

Bonneville Flood Path

The path of the Lake Bonneville Flood through south east Idaho

by Diana Boyack
Pocatello Annexation History

Pocatello Annexation History

by Jared Ogle, 2017

Pocatello Flooding Timeline

Explorations of Pocatello's Flooding History

Josh Eppley, History & GIS Idaho State University
Portneuf Greenway

Visit the Portneuf Greenway Virtual Tour

by Donna Delparte & CI Team
Virtual Tour of Marsh Valley, Idaho

Virtual Tour of Marsh Valley, Idaho

Tour of Marsh Valley using a go pro type camera

by Jerad Anderson
Pocatello Vegetation Comparison

Green Pocatello

A story map comparing vegetation and temperature in the Pocatello area by Jared Ogle

Base Map Southeast Idaho

Historic Fish Counts in Portneuf River

by Cody Feldman & Charles Peterson
Pocatello 1959

Pocatello & The Portneuf River 1959

3D visualization of Portneuf River in downtown Pocatello, Idaho

by Meg Tracy, 2016
Pocatello Future

Future Downtown Pocatello

by Meg Tracy
Pocatello Then (1959) and Now (2013)

Pocatello Comparison Map,
1959 | 2013

by Brock Lipple & Di Wu