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Equipment Available

A page holder for a list of equipment and how to check it out for use in classroom or other research.

Equpment Available

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This list is to facilitate the shared use of current CERE equipment. Please contact CERE if you are interested borrowing an item.

Major equipment:

  • Balance (g, four decimal places)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Ion meter (Mettler, portable)
  • Continuous flow autospectrophotometer (O-I Analytical FS3000), includes computer, multiple modules
  • Flame photometer (Instrumentation Laboratory 943)
  • Air compressor (associated with flame photometer)
  • Flame photometer (Bacharach)
  • Dewars (665mL), n=3
  • Dewar (~2000mL)
  • Phillipson microbomb calorimeter
  • Micro voltmeter
  • Soil moisture sensors (Hobo Echo, n=5) and mircostation
  • Meteorological station (Hobo)
  • Sensors with terminal block (unknown, n=2)
  • E. coli sampling equipment (fully stocked supplies, including incubator)
  • Fiber analyzer (Ankom) and associated supplies
  • Auto titrator (Mettler DL12)
  • Controller/timer for 4 AC plugs (Chrontrol )
  • Area meter (used for leaf area, etc.)
  • Tree borers
  • Vacuum sorb pumps
  • Heating tape
  • Variable autotransformers (120V), n=3
  • Thermocouple vacuum instrument
  • Submersible pressure transducer
  • Dry ice machine
  • Thermocline input control, n=2

Minor equipment and consumables:

  • Stir and hot plates
  • Zip ties (multiple lengths)
  • Plastic specimen vials (not good for liquids)
  • 58mm specimen jars (many)
  • Ointment tins (4oz)
  • Soil sieves (multiple, homemade)
  • Glass pipettes (5mL)
  • Small coin envelopes
  • Paper tags


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YSI Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes



Our sondes are water quality instruments for simultaneously measuring several parameters of water chemistry in the field. The sondes are fitted with probes to measure temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. These instruments are capable of taking a single reading or data logging for a designated amount of time. Please contact CERE if you are interested in renting a sonde for your research.




Our microbalances can be used to measure small sample amounts for analyses (e.g., stable isotopes, total carbon).

Fisons elemental analyzer


The elemental analyzer (EA) is an instrument designed for the simultaneous determination of total nitrogen and carbon in a wide range of organic and inorganic samples. Possible samples include animal and plant tissues and soils.


pH meter

CERE has several pH meters for field and laboratory use.