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Portneuf River Basin

Portneuf River with map of the hydrologic unit for the Portneuf

The Portneuf River basin is home to Pocatello, a mid-sized city poised to expand along the length of the Portneuf River. Research will inform community leaders and decision-makers how to develop ecosystem services in concert with urban expansion, in a way best suited to current community values. It will also provide a means of formulating discussions so that scientists, policy-makers, and the general public can effectively communicate.

Pocatello Flooding History

This study of the history of water management in the Portneuf Basin exposes a series of conflicts between rural and urban interests and federal and local jurisdictions. Research into long-term development contributes to our understanding of the Portneuf River as a social-ecological system and of how people have measured the ecosystem services of that system over time. As contributors to the MILES research team, our goal is to more fully understand the process of decision-making that transformed the river over time and the resulting implications of those decisions for available ecosystem services. Please click the image below or here to view the TIMELINE.

Historic Pocatello

Idaho State University Participants

Kevin Marsh

Partners and Affilation

Idaho Historical Society, Idaho State University Library Archives

Image Courtesy of Idaho State Historical Society