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Idaho State University

Student Employee Development Program




Supervisors of ISU student employees have a unique opportunity to train and teach students valuable job skills that will help them obtain employment upon graduation.  Clearly defining the job role and expectations, setting goals and meeting regularly with the student employee to evaluate the student's progress will add significant value to the student's education.  Employers are looking for students with strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and ability to work in a team among other transitional skills.  As supervisors we are able to help identify and develop these skills in our student employees which will help them immensely in their professional careers.  We recommend the following three steps:

Job Description

A detailed job description will help the student employee know what is expected of the student before the student even applies.  This will also help the Supervisor and the Employee know what the duties and responsibilities are for this position.

A job description should include: Job Title, ISU Department, Supervisor or Posting Contact, Job Duties, Required Qualifications and Preferred Qualifications. When addressing qualifications it can be helpful to speak in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities. Knowledge refers to subjects and topics of information that a candidate should know at time of employment. 

Clear Expectations

After the student is hired the first line supervisor should meet with the student one-on-one to make sure that the student understands the job duties and expectations.  For instance a student should know whether it is acceptable to do homework during down times and who to come to if there are any issues.

Student Employee Evaluations

As a best practice, supervisors should define expectations for every position you are responsible for supervising. You should communicate these expectations and performance-measurement standards to new employees, and review them at least once a semester with all employees.

Below is a student employee evaluation form which may help in the evaluation process

Student Employee Evaluation fillable