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Are you a first-year student living on campus? Want to work in a position specifically designed to help you succeed? 

Bengal STEP (Student To Employee Program) is a new jobs initiative specifically for first-year students here at Idaho State University and is intentionally designed with student success in mind. Working on campus is not merely a way to earn money but also an opportunity for students to develop meaningful connections with others across campus all while building essential career and professional competencies. These competencies, as defined by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) include:

                          1) Professionalism

                          2) Written and Verbal Communication

                          3) Collaboration and Teamwork

                          4) Intercultural Fluency

                          5) Critical Thinking

Bengal STEP positions exist in multiple departments across campus and are structured to include brief but consistent conversations between students and their supervisors in which students can connect academic learning with what they are doing in their jobs. In addition, Bengal STEP participants have opportunities to engage directly with Career Center staff on services such as resume building, mock interviews, and informational sessions that advertise opportunities for future work, internships, or research with Idaho State University faculty and partners.  Click below to let us know you are interested and where you would like to work on campus.



For more information on Bengal STEP, contact the Career Advisors below:

Amber Greening

Mark Beaver

Sariah Millis