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Idaho State University

Swim Lessons

About Our Learn To Swim Program

Our Learn-to-Swim program is designed for all abilities—from beginner to advanced. We focus on breathing, balance, sculling, and water safety.  Our objective is safety in, on, and around water. We pride ourselves on providing a structured and positive learning experience.


Swim Classes

Level 1 - Intro to Water Skills
Those new to swimming lessons should begin in Level 1; learn to enter/exit the pool, to exhale under water, and supported floats
Recommended Age - 4 to 8 years
Class Size - 3 students : 1 instructor

Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Learn to float, exit the pool independently, roll from front to back, rhythmic breathing
Recommended Age - 5 to 10 years
Class Size- 3 students : 1 instructor

Level 3 - Stroke Development
Learn stroke basics; improve rhythmic breathing; learn to dive & tread water
Recommended Age- 6 to 10 years
Class Size - 4 students : 1 instructor

Level 4 - Stroke Improvement
Stroke & diving refinement; students learn to propel with efficiency
Recommended Age - 8 to 12 years
Class Size - 4 students : 1 instructor

Advanced - Skill Proficiency
Improve stroke mechanics & endurance; learn drills, competitive starts, & flip turns
Recommended Age - 10 to 14 years
Class Size 6 students : 1 instructor

Baby & Me Class
Summer offering for ages 6-36 months. This class helps children be more comfortable in the water in preparation for youth lessons. Baby & Me gives parents information and techniques to orient their child to the water and supervise water activities. In-water participation by an adult is required, but no swimming skills required!

Teen Swim & Jr. Lifeguard Camps
These camps are for teens, ages 12-16, who want to improve their swimming ability and start learning lifeguard skills. No prerequisite skills required, although comfort in deep water preferred. Each camp offers 12 hours (8 class dates x 1.5 hours) of instruction.  Each day will offer approximately 45 minutes of swimming and 45 minutes of lifeguard and aquatic safety skills


More Information

Instructors:  Our instructors are ISU students with previous experience and strong recommendation.  Most are lifeguards, some have American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification (WSI), and many have competitive swimming experience.

ISU Affiliate Status:  Affiliate status for swim lessons applies to ISU students, faculty, staff, spouses, and members of the alumni association. Benefits are limited to dependents, grandchildren, or siblings. A current Bengal card or alumni card must be shown at registration.

Parking:  ISU parking restrictions are enforced year round. For information about parking, contact (208) 282-2515.

Age Recommendations:  The American Red Cross recommends children be 5 years old to gain the most from swim lessons. We consider enrolling 3 or 4 year olds if they a) are potty trained, b) can participate in a group setting, and c) follow instruction.  If young students are crying, we may need to remove the child from the water and allow him or her to observe from the side until they calm.

Observation Area:  Spectators are welcome to watch lessons from the bleachers or balcony, but we do not allow spectators to sit on deck in the shallow end during group lessons.  In addition, we request parents allow the teacher to teach and not coach their child over the instructor during lessons.

Refunds:  Refunds will be given for complete withdrawal from the session on a pro-rated basis. There will be no refunds given past the first week without a physician's recommendation.

Locker Room Age Restrictions:  We do not have family changing areas, and children over age 6 are not allowed in the locker rooms of their opposite gender. Consider changing prior to arrival if your older child requires assistance in the locker room.

Makeup Days:  We do not offer makeup days for summer sessions. Optional makeup days may be offered for spring semester classes.

Waitlists:  Lesson signups are on a first-come/first-serve basis.  If a spot or another class opens up and you are wait-listed, we will contact you ASAP.

Pool Temperature:  As a multi-use facility, Reed Gym Pool’s deck and water temperature are kept around 85 degrees F. Your child should wear a fitted, long sleeve swim shirt if he or she gets cold easily or is in a beginning level.

Welcome to our –OOL! Notice there is no P in it… Please make sure all children use the restroom prior to entering the water. We require children not completely toilet-trained wear a tightly fitted vinyl/rubber pant as well as a swim diaper. You can purchase swim diapers at the SRC front desk for $1.

Campus Recreation Office

(208) 282-4854

SRC, Room 360

Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm



Spring 2020 Hours:
January 13 to May 8

Monday      6am-11pm
Tuesday     6am-11pm
Wednesday 6am-11pm
Thursday    6am-11pm
Friday        6am-9pm
Saturday    8am-9pm
Sunday      12pm-9pm


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Thursday Feb 27
MBB vs Portland St, 7pm

Friday Feb 28
Men's Tennis
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Wednesday Mar 4
WBB vs Eastern Wash, 7pm

Friday Mar 6
WBB vs Idaho, 7pm