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Idaho State University

Benefits of Taking On-Campus Dual-Enrollment Courses

Are you on the fence about taking on-campus dual-enrollment courses?
Consider the benefits! 

-Courses count for both high school and college general education credits
-Idaho’s Advance Opportunities money can be used for dual-enrollment courses offerings
-80% of students who take on-campus dual-enrollment courses continue on to college
-Courses range from People and Cultures of the Old World to Survey of Theatre to Elementary Shoshoni
-The program allows students to get a head start on college credits and interact with ISU faculty, staff, and students on a regular basis
-Access to ISU library
-Free tutoring from Student Success Center
-Access to on-campus activities
-Reed Gym access for $47/semester



Still have questions?

For questions about ISU Dual-Enrollment:
Holly Kartchner
College of Arts & Letters Director of Outreach and Retention
(208) 282-5362


For questions about on-campus scheduling and Fast Forward Money:
Chelsie Rauh
Early College Program Director
(208) 282-2633


For additional questions:
Contact your school principal or counselor