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Idaho State University

Fall 2017 Art Courses

Fall 2017 Art Courses

Idaho State University’s Fall 2017 semester starts on August 22. The College of Arts and Letters is offering several art courses that fulfill general education objectives, and some that don’t. Below is a list of some of the art courses the College is offering. Visit BengalWeb to see all of the courses the College will offer this fall.


Art 1101: Survey of Art History I 

Joanna Jenks


CRN: 15517

Satisfies General Education Objective 4

Introductory global overview of visual art and architecture from prehistory to c. 1400. 


ART 1105: Drawing I 

Danielle Feige

Tu/Th 4:00pm-6:50pm

CRN: 15552

Introduction to the fundamental skills of drawing, including composition, proportion, light, gesture, and black and white media. Students will begin to explore technical and conceptual approaches to drawing. May cover still life, landscape, figure drawing. Investigate artists and stylistic periods.


ART 2241: Introduction to Painting

Joanna Jenks

Idaho Falls

M/W 1:00pm-3:50pm 

CRN: 15559

Introduction to methods, materials, and basic concepts of painting.


ART 2243: Watercolor 

Juliet Feige

TR 1:00pm-3:50pm

CRN: 15553

Beginning watercolor techniques, color theory, traditional and contemporary subject matter.


ART 3391: Papermaking

Naomi (Adams) Velasquez

M/W 9:00am-11:50am 

CRN: 15503

History, fundamental techniques of Western/Eastern papermaking based on traditional methods. Traditional sheet forming, paper chemistry, pulp preparation, types of nonadhesive book structures, history and terminology of book binding.