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Idaho State University

Arts & Letters Faculty Recent Publications

  • Yolonda Youngs, assistant professor in the Department of Global Studies and Languages, published the book The American Environment Revisited: Environmental Historical Geographies of the United States Rowman and Littlefield (2018):
  • Malliga Och, assistant professor in the Department of Global Studies and Languages had an article on international human rights norms are adopted on the local level in the International Feminist Journal of Politics She also had an article titled Womenomics under Abe's Leadership Signs of Feminisation of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party?  in the journal Representation:
  • Zackery M. Heern, assistant professor in the Department of Historyrecently published a chapter titled “Three Sources of Shiʿi Knowledge and Authority: Texts, Reason, and Mysticism in Islamic Intellectual History” in Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Shi‘i Studies (London: ICAS Press, 2018)
  • Kole de Peralta, assistant professor in the Department of History, published a guest blog post, "Dying to Heal," on syphilis in colonial Lima with the organization Nursing Clio. 
  • Maria Wong, professor in the Department of Psychology, had two papers published. The first one on children of alcoholics being at a higher risk for developing an alcohol use disorder and substance-related issues will be published in Addictive Behaviors. The second one on sleep difficulties and a parental history of alcoholism increase the risk of behavioral problems will be published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.