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Revenue Enhancement Revolving Fund

Idaho State’s Revenue Enhancement Revolving Fund is designed to provide an ongoing funding source for creating and expanding revenue generating activities at the university. The fund was established through a gift from the Idaho State University Foundation.

All units and departments are eligible for funding of non-academic projects and initiatives that align with ISU’s mission and strategic plan to include continuing education, workforce development, clinics, and educational sales and services.

Maximum funding per initiative is $100,000 per year up to two years; $200,000 total.

Units must repay the fund in full within four years, with the following minimum repayment schedule.

  • Year 2: 25% of investment 
  • Year 3: 50% of investment 
  • Year 4: Full reimbursement

After the revolving fund has been reimbursed, income generated from the initiative will be shared between the unit and central university funds. This structure will be determined as part of the funding approval and will vary based on the type of initiative.

Examples of income share:

  • Operating income (revenue less direct expenses) shared 50/50 between the unit and central university funds
  • Percentage of gross revenue to central university funds, with thresholds for gross revenue percentage splits.

Units receiving funding will provide an annual report to the Revenue Enhancement Review Committee.  During the first three years of the fund investments, highlights of those annual reports will be provided to the ISU Foundation to highlight the donor investment impact.

Unit or department submits proposal

The Revenue Enhancement Review Committee, comprised of the CFO, Vice President for Advancement, Legal Counsel, and Provost, meets with submitters to discuss and review the proposal

The Review Committee ranks proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to fully repay investment within 4 fiscal years
  • Long-term ROI
  • Mission alignment
  • Strategic Plan, *Academic Plan, and *Strategic Enrollment Management Plan alignment
  • Strength of concept
  • Alignment with ISU’s budget model

Funding awards announced


*Currently in development

FY2024 Accelerated Timeline:

Sept 15: Proposals submitted the review committee

Sept 15-Oct 15: Proposal review

November 1: Funding awards announced


Standard Timeline:

November 1: Proposals submitted to the review committee

November-January: Proposal review

February 1: Funding awards for coming fiscal year

August 1: Fund reimbursement transfers

September 15: Annual report for previously funded projects

General support and guidance:

Jen Steele jennifersteele@isu.edu x. 4277

Adam Bradford adambradford@isu.edu x. 2490

Cathy Wooton cathywooton@isu.edu x. 4044


Legal/contractual questions:

Blake Christensen blakechristensen@isu.edu x. 3924


Financial analysis:

Jen Steele jennifersteele@isu.edu x. 4277

Megan Baskins meganbaskins@isu.edu x. 3949


Business plan development, marketing:

Shane Hunt shanehunt@isu.edu x. 2601