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Idaho State University
David Flint, Health Occupations Education Specialist Clinical Assistant Professor

David Flint, MEd, BSHS

Health Occupations Education Specialist Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: Owen-Redfield Complex


Professional Work Experience

  •  State of Idaho Emergency Medical Technician – 25 years
  • Taught Anatomy and Physiology, Biological, Physical and Health Sciences – 20 years
  • Health Occupations Education Specialist and Instructor for the College of Technology – 11 years
  • Upward Bound Science Instructor – 7 seasons

 Career Highlights

  •  Travelled to West Africa to supervise a medical/outreach team to provide basic health care to refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Liberia
  • Certified as a National Registry Paramedic – 2006
  • Continuing education in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program

One of my favorite professional experiences

 A great experience at this time is taking the information that I have learned from teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and Principles of Drugs, along with concepts from the MPH program, and sharing them with my students. Daily, there are new groundbreaking discoveries in medicine, nutrition, and health that affect both the U.S. and the world population. The rise of epidemics and other significant health events are not just out there in other countries, but are also happening closer to home. It is a wonderful experience to see students begin to understand that learning about disease is actually learning about medicine and how they can take that knowledge with them to care for their families and use it in their own career.