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Title/Topic Speaker Host Date Time Place
TBA Dr. Ellen Wohl Ruth MacNeil 02/15/18 4 p.m. LC 10
TBA Dr. Bob Hall
UMontana Flathead Lake Biological Station
Jade Ortiz/BGSA 01/25/18 4 p.m. LC 10
TBA Maryam Kalifa
PhD Proposal Seminar
Dr. Jack Rose (advisor) 12/14/17 Noon LC 10
Connecting Students to Local Biological Communities Jonathan Dudko
DA Proposal Seminar
Dr. David Delehanty (advisor) 12/07/17 Noon LC 10
Role of pH and CO2 in Early Rhythmic Behaviors and Breathing Biorhythms: From Embryo to Hatchling Jessica Whitaker
PhD Proposal Seminar
Dr. Jason Pilarski (advisor) 11/30/17 Noon LC 10
Connections or Containers: Using Genetic Data to Understand How Watershed Evolution and Human Activities May Influence Cutthroat Trout Biogeography Kendra Eaton
MS Defense Seminar
Dr. Janet Loxterman (advisor) 11/17/17 Noon LC 10
Microbial Connections Between Atmosphere, Vegetation, and Soil in Alpine Ecosystems, Yellowstone National Park, USA Stephanie Zorio
DA Proposal Seminar
Dr. Ken Aho (advisor) 11/09/17 Noon LC 10
Evidence-based Design and Development of Interactive Learning Units: A Museum Case Study Cordelia Chong
DA Defense Seminar
Dr. Rosemary Smith (advisor) 11/02/17 Noon  LC 10
Precipitation Timing and Soil Control Volumes Regulate Carbon and Nutrient Cycling in Cold Desert Ecosystems David Huber
PhD Defense Seminar
Dr. Kathleen Lohse (advisor) 10/27/17 Noon LC 10
Genetic Tools for Species Conservation Dr. Janet Loxterman The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Chapter #110 10/26/17 7 p.m. Salmon River Suite,
Pond Student Union
Transformation and Transportation in Shifting Landscapes: Exploring Patterns in Streams and Education Ruth MacNeille
DA Proposal Seminar
Dr. Kathleen Lohse (advisor) 10/19/17 Noon LC 10
Using Direct Transfers to Promote Conservation: Theories, Realities, and Opportunities Dr. Zhao Ma   10/17/17 4 p.m. LA 324
Unexpected spatial stability of water chemistry in headwater stream networks Dr. Ben Abbott Dr. Rebecca Hale
Dr. Kathleen Lohse
10/05/17 4 p.m. LC 10
Linking pattern and process at leaf to ecosystem scales: Lessons from hot, dry, cold, and wet environments Dr. Keith Reinhardt
T & P Seminar
  09/28/17 4 p.m. LC 10
The Orianne Society: Linking Science and Conservation Dr. Chris Jenkins Dr. Charles Peterson 09/14/17 4 p.m. LC 10
Applications of Digital Storytelling in Science Education and Communication
Tell the story of your research!
Kelsey Robson
DA Defense Seminar
Dr. Rosemary Smith (advisor) 09/07/17 Noon LC 10



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