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Spectrophotometers | AVer Document CameraMicroscopes & LAS EZ


Remove the plastic protective cover and turn on the spectrophotometer using the power switch located on the back of the machine, lower left side.  The spectrophotometer will automatically perform some diagnostics and will need to warm up for 30 minutes before measurements can be made. Once it has warmed up, it should automatically be set to absorbance (A) mode.  If it is not, press the A/T/C button to select absorbance (A).

  1. Measure your blank by adding a blank solution to the cuvette (or test tube). Wipe down the outside of the test tube with ethanol and a kimwipe to remove fingerprints.
  2. Insert your cuvette into the cell holder of the sample chamber. The cuvette should be sitting on the bottom of the cell.
  3. Close the sample chamber.
  4. Press the ABS button to set the blank to 0 concentration.
  5. Select the wavelength you will be measuring your solutions at by press the nm buttons.
  6. Measure your samples by inserting the cuvette into the cell holder.  Remember to clean the outside of the cuvette before placing into the cell holder. Do not get fingerprints on the cuvette as it will disrupt the reading.
  7. Read your absorbance.
  8. Remove your sample and replace it with a new sample and record the absorbance.

At the end of the lab period (if there isn’t a lab immediately following), shut off the machine and replace the plastic cover.

If you receive an error message use the Operator's Manual for Genesys 20 Spectrophotometer.


AVer Document Camera

The AVer Document Camera and AVer (Sphere) Software are used for dissections and presentations.

1. Plug in power.
2. Plug in USB.
3. Open the Sphere 2 software. The software is a program file; you will not find a short cut on the desktop.
4. Press the power button on the camera. It will blink orange and then turn green.
5. It usually takes awhile for the camera connect.
6. The software might say Visualizer Not Connected. Just turn the camera off and on again and then wait 5 minutes.  


 Microscopes & LAS EZ

Microscope are used by the students in many lab exercises. Instructors also need to learn to use the instructor microscope and the LAS EZ & Leica AirLab Icon Guide software which will allow them to project the microscope images in real time.

  • Instructor Microscope:
    1. Plug the microscope into a power outlet.
    2. Then turn on the microscope using the green toggle switch at the base of the camera.
    3. Focus a slide on microscope.
  • Camera on the Instructor Microscope:
    1. Make sure the camera is connected via USB to the computer.
    2. Turn on the camera by pressing the red button found on the right side of the camera and then the camera icon (also on the right side.)
  • LAS EZ Software:
    1. Using Windows search, search for LAS EZ.
    2. Open the program; it may take a minute or two for the software to connect to the camera.
    3. In the upper right area of your screen of the LAS EZ software you will see three tabs: 'Acquire', 'Browse', & 'Process'.
    4. Select the ‘Acquire’ tab to project or take a photo.
    5. Save the image by clicking on the 'Acquire Image' button or record a video of a live specimen by clicking on the video camera icon under 'Image Controls'.
    6. Once you click on the 'Process' tab you can measure and annotate the images you take of your slide specimens.
    7. Once you have saved it, open the 'Browse tab'. You will need to move a copy either to the C: drive or to the lab Google Drive. Once you close the software all images are deleted.
  • Projector:
    1. Turn on the projector.
    2. Focus the slide using the projected image.
    3. Adjust brightness and contrast of the projected image using the software.



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