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ISU Panorama. Photo by Chuck Peterson.
James Paris

James Paris

Advisor: Dr. Colden Baxter
Degree: Ph.D. Biology

Office: Life Sciences 310

Curriculum Vitae


2015, B.A. Colgate Univeristy, Hamilton Idaho

Biographical Sketch

James joined the Stream Ecology Center in the fall of 2015 and is currently a doctoral candidate. Before ISU, he graduated from Colgate University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Native American Studies. Within several collaborative projects, James’s doctoral research investigates how spatial heterogeneity across river-floodplain landscapes mediates the flow of energy through aquatic food webs at larger scales, as well as the implications for the conservation of biodiversity and the management and restoration of riverine landscapes, using secondary production and quantitative flow food web approaches. On the Snake River in southeastern Idaho, James works with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to quantify the mosaic of food webs sustaining populations of fishes across a floodplain on the Fort Hall Reservation. He also works with the Bureau of Reclamation and the US Geological Survey to evaluate how river side-channel reconstruction might alter flows of energy to juvenile anadromous fishes within a floodplain of the Methow River in north-central Washington. Finally, James is conducting a multi-floodplain comparison encompassing the Snake River, the Methow River, and the Davies River in the Héen Latinee Experimental Forest of Alaska, where work was facilitated by the US Forest Service, in order to address theoretical predictions regarding asynchronous energy flow through food webs as it relates to the maintenance of biodiversity.

Teaching Experience

BIOL 4462 - Freshwater Ecology (Supervised Teaching Intern)


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