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Marina Kazakevich, MS, MLS (ASCP)

Clinical Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator Biochemistry & Clinical Chemistry

Office: Life Sciences 190

(208) 282-5416

 Curriculum Vitae


2010, BS Medical Lab Science, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID 
1980, MS in Biochemistry, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
1978, BS in Biochemistry, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Biographical Sketch

I joined the ISU Department of Biological Sciences in 1997. I am a biochemist and my specialty is clinical chemistry. I teach biology, IDEP, PHARMD, and Medical Lab Science (MLS) students. Over the years, I’ve taught didactic courses and labs in biochemistry, cell & molecular biology, physiology, endocrinology, histology, and developmental biology. I am certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) as a medical laboratory scientist. As a med tech, I worked at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, ID. I am a generalist, and I work in all areas of the clinical laboratory including clinical chemistry, transfusion medicine, microbiology, hematology, and urinalysis.


BIOL 4419 Mammalian Histology and lab
BIOL 4432 Biochemistry and lab 
BIOL 4445 Biochemistry I and lab  
BIOL 4447 Biochemistry II and lab
BIOL 4444 Molecular Biology
BIOL 4453 Endocrinology
BIOL 4499 Regulation of Metabolism
BIOL 4499 Signal Transduction and Regulation
BIOL 3324 Developmental Biology
BIOL 2206 & 2207 Cell Biology and lab
MLS 4420 Medical Immunology
MLS 4437 Critical Analysis of Lab Info: Clinical Chemistry 
MLS 4410 Phlebotomy/Hematology Practicum
MLS 4455 Student Laboratory Practices

Selected Publications

Kaufman, S.L., Kuchumov, A.R., Kazakevich, M., Vinogradov, S.N. (1998), Analysis of a 3.6-M Da Hexagonal Bilayer Hemoglobin from Lumbricus terrestris Using a Gas-Phase Electrophoretic Mobility Molecular Analyzer, Analytical Biochemistry 259, 195-202.

Pavlova, R., Kazakevich, M. (1986),Two types of Responses in Biological Systems to the Physical and Chemical Stimuli of Low Intensity, Proceedings of Mechnikov Medical School, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Samojlovich, M., Kazakevich, M., Gryazeva, I. (1985), Hybridoma Preparation on the Cattle Sera, Monoclonal Antibodies in Microbiology and Virology, Proceedings of the Mechnikov Institute of Vaccines and Sera, Moscow, Russia.

Sokolovsky, V., Schlejkin, A., Kazakevich, M. (1983), Binding of Glutation and Ascorbic Acid by Proteins During Refrigerator Storage, Improvement of Methods of frozen Foodstuff Preservation, Proceedings of the Institute for Freezing Technology, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sokolovsky, V., Schlejkin, A., Kazakevich, M. (1981), Biochemical Changes in the muscles of sea fish during refrigerator storage, Technical Report # 102-1-81, Mechnikov Medical School, St. Petersburg, Russia.