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Student Disability

Some of our ISU students experience qualified permanent or temporary disabilities.  Disability Services offers equal access to education by providing reasonable accommodations with accessible and hospitable learning environments. Disability Services will send a Letter of Accommodation to the lab coordinator who will then pass the letter on to the correct lab instructor. Once you receive the letter please follow the procedure below:
1 Once you have received the letter, the student still must approach you (in person or by email) for accommodation. Do not discuss the accommodation in front of the other students unless the student initiates the conversation.
2 After the student contacts you, meet to discuss the appropriate action for each of the numbered academic adjustments found in the letter.
 Examples of accommodations:
  • Alternative Testing (Extra Time 1.50x, Reduced Distraction Testing Room) - to take the pre- and post-quizzes, have the student attend lab 15 minutes early and leave lab 15 minutes after it ends and all other students are gone. Make sure the lab is locked to limit distractions.
  • Preferential Seating - on the random assigned seating spreadsheet keep the accommodated student in the same seat each week. Sometimes you may have to keep them with the same group or one other student for the duration of the semester.
  • Flexibility in Assignments/Attendance - the student will not be required to turn in the task sheet at the end of lab. They will need to turn it in 24 hours later or, if a Friday lab, the following Monday.
  • Notetaking - Disability Services will provide a notetaker who will be contacting you to make arrangements.
  • Permission to Record Lectures - the student will use a recorder or similar device (his/her own or one from Disability Services) to record lectures.
  • Food and Drink in Classroom - must be kept at the front of the room on top of the bag shelves.

Updated: 08/17/2017


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