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Social Distancing Policies (Student)

Updated 12/11/2020

Read the information at on this page, ISU website Coronavirus and Roaring Back and  Wellbeing & Prevention and then read and sign the appropriate form (see syllabus quiz in Moodle).

  • Any faculty/staff/student with an on-campus presence must participate in the COVID-19 Screening Program.
  • If you OR someone that you are living with while attending courses at ISU is in a CDC high risk/vulnerable population, please contact Disability Services as soon as possible (BEFORE the first week of classes).
  • It is a requirement for ALL students, faculty, instructors, and staff to wear facial coverings in ALL public spaces on campus, including laboratories in order to protect the health and safety of everyone on campus.
    • Please, wear your *approved facial covering in lab. You may also be required to wear gloves and goggles.
    • If you need facial covering, contact the Dean of Students Office (208) 282-2794.
    • If you need a face shield for health reasons, contact Disability Services at (208) 282-3599.
    • Please note that students will be asked to leave the lab if they fail to wear an approved facial covering/goggles/gloves in lab and they will not be able to make up the lab.Come to the LS or CHE building, wearing your mask; enter the building and lab with your mask on.
  • Come to the LS or CHE building, wearing your mask; enter the building and lab with your mask on.
  • Enter the lab using the ENTER door and exit using the EXIT door. Look for the signs.
  • BEFORE and AFTER lab clean the bench top, computer keyboard, mouse, and screen, and other lab equipment with the available wipes.
  • If you have symptoms OR have been exposed to COVID-19:
    1. Contact your primary care provider via phone or University Health at (208) 282-2330 to determine the need for COVID-19 testing.
    2. Contact your lab instructor once it is determined that you will be tested for COVID-19 with an electronic note from your doctor so the instructor can make arrangements for lab content delivery during quarantine. The note from the doctor needs to state the date the test was ordered and when the test was given.
    3. If you test positive for COVID-19 report your illness to ISU using the COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, EXPOSURE & TEST RESULT SELF-REPORTING FORM.
    4. Once you receive your test results, contact your lab instructor with an electronic note from your doctor that indicates the results of your test so you can attend lab in-person or further arrangements for online lab content delivery can be made. If test results are not received by the instructor in the normal testing time-frame, you will not be given access to the online labs nor can you attend the lab in-person.

* The Division of Student Affairs will be distributing cloth face coverings (one per person) through a tokens process. Tokens will be pre-loaded on student ID cards, and students can receive a face covering at one of several university distribution points.  Student Affairs will be sending distribution information directly to the students. Contact the Dean of Students Office ( or (208) 282-2794) with questions.