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Social Distancing Policies

Updated: 06/08/2021

  • Read the student Social Distancing policies for lab, and the ISU website Coronavirus and Roaring Back including Covid-19 Wellbeing & Prevention.
  • Be familiar with social distancing room set up for each lab (LS 122, 261, 262, 263 and CHE 107).
  • Idaho State University expects that all individuals participating in academic programs will continue adhering to current CDC guidelines regarding face coverings, which will allow us to maintain a safe classroom environment, continue face-to-face instruction, and meet our shared duty to care for others in our community. These guidelines currently state unvaccinated individuals should continue taking preventive measures, including wearing a face covering. The university also strongly encourages all individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Mandatory face coverings for all students may be expected in the following instructional circumstances: 1) where physical distancing is not possible, 2) Clinical courses, and 3) University group travel.
  • Enter the lab using the ENTER door and exit using the EXIT door. Look for the signs.
  • BEFORE and AFTER, lab clean the instructor bench top, computer keyboard, mouse, and screen, and other lab equipment with the available wipes.
  • Make sure your students are also cleaning their bench top, computer keyboard, mouse, and screen, and other lab equipment at their stations with the available wipes.
  • What to do if a student tests positive for COVID-19:
    • If the student came to lab, send the student home to isolate. The student should report their illness using the COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, EXPOSURE & TEST RESULT SELF-REPORTING FORM.
    • Do not notify the lab or other students without direction from the health committee.
    • Prepare a list of the other people in your lab who had close contact with the ill individual for the time period encompassing 72 hours before symptoms onset up to the last day in the classroom.
    • The instructor should email this information to
    • The health team will reach out to provide additional next steps and guidance.
    • If the student was in lab, close the workspace and contact Facilities Services for cleaning and disinfection.
    • Encourage the student to contact their primary care provider via phone to determine the need for testing for COVID-19. If the student does not have a primary care provider they can contact University Health at (208) 282-2330 (Idaho Falls, Pocatello or Twin Falls). The student should follow the recommendations of a medical professional for testing and treatment. If the medical professional’s advice and recommendations differ from these guidelines or if you or the student has questions, contact for assistance.
  • What to do if a student is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19: Physical distancing and facial coverings are in place to substantially lower risk of transmission, even if someone has COVID-19. However, Any COVID-19 symptoms are assumed to be due to COVID-19 and are treated as such until a medical professional determines otherwise. If you are symptomatic or test positive, you should follow the guidance provided above. Students and/or instructors displaying other symptoms (e.g. seasonal allergies) may want to voluntarily let the instructor and others near them in the classroom know or choose to join classes remotely.
  • If you have symptoms OR have been exposed to COVID-19:
    1. Contact your primary care provider via phone or University Health at (208) 282-2330 to determine the need for testing for COVID-19
    2. Contact the department chair, associate chair, and coordinator once it is determined that you will be tested for Covid-19 so they can make arrangements. 
    3. If you test positive for COVID-19 report your illness to ISU using the COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, EXPOSURE & TEST RESULT SELF-REPORTING FORM (
    4. Contact  department chair, associate chair, and coordinator so they can make further arrangements.
  • Contact CoSE IT ( for help with OWL.
  • Contact the main office for more hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes, markers, chalk, and face shield.