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Lesson Plans

Most lesson plans for an entire course are constructed as follows:

  1. Aim
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Outcomes
  5. Assessments

The Aim of a lab course is described in the course catalog. The Objectives are listed at the beginning of each Unit.  The Methodology and Outcomes are the activities and exercises for each lab as described in the task sheets. The Assessments are the quizzes and completed task sheets the students turn in for the instructor to grade.

The majority of the lesson planning has been created for each lab course. However, each lab instructor has additional lesson planning responsibilities that will allow the instructor to enter the teaching lab with more confidence and maximizes their chance of having a meaningful learning experience with their students. Laboratory instructor lesson planning is a three step activity.

  1. Planning and preparation before lab - study the terminology, task sheet, and presentations, read any supporting literature available, complete the lab exercises, create quizzes and assigned seating
  2. Lab management - determine the time at which each task sheet activity will start and end for each lab period while also keeping time for the introduction and quizzes, enforce lab rules and expectations for student behavior
  3. Student assessment - give the quizzes, grade the quizzes and task sheets*

*Quizzes are used to assess a student's knowledge base and motivate the student to:

  • study the terminology and task sheet before attending lab; purpose - reduces a student's cognitive load while conducting the lab exercise
  • attend lab on time (pre-) and stay (post-) for the duration of the lab period; purpose - reduces disruptions by students attending late or rushing to leave lab early