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Lab Seating

Assigned seating is mandatory and begins the first week of labs. The seating arrangement needs to change each week. Export the spreadsheet as a pdf file each week (the students will usually have a different seat number each time you open the spreadsheet). Project the file as students walk into the lab. Save the file to keep a record of weekly seating. The AS workbook consists of one spreadsheet for each lab section (see the tabs at the bottom of the Excel software). Add student names to the spreadsheets by exporting the Moodle child courses gradebook for your sections as an Excel file. To add students and use the function:

  1. Enable content.
  2. Select cell C2 which displays a function similar to the one below: =RANK(B2,B$2:B$22,1)
  3. Edit the B$22 part of the function by replacing 22 with the number of students in the lab section plus 1. Ex. you have 24 students so the function becomes =RANK(B2,B$2:B$25,1)
  4. Drag the seat number function and the random number function (i.e. RAND()) down column B and C to the last student in the list. Ex. you have 24 students so the function for last student on the list will be in C25 and the function in C25 is =RANK(B26,B$2:B$25,1)