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BIOL 1101L/2227L


  • The quiz is given during the first 10 minutes of the lab. 
  • If a student is late, they cannot take the pre-quiz.
  • The quiz sheet will be provided by the instructor.
  • Pre-quiz - ten (10) multiple choice questions (each worth 1 pt).


  • The quiz is given after everyone has turned in their task sheet, submitted interpretation documents, and cleaned up their workstation.
  • Post-quiz - ten (10) short answer questions to be answered in complete sentences (each worth 1 pt)
  • The quiz sheet will be provided by the instructor 
  • If a student does not stay for the entire lab period and does not hand in a completed task sheet, they cannot take the post-quiz

Task sheets:

  • Completed in the lab using information found within the task sheets themselves, supplies offered in lab, the course textbook, and other materials defined by the task sheet. They cannot use search browsers.
  • If a student does not hand in a completed task sheet, they cannot take the post-quiz.
  • Each task sheet is worth a specific amount and each question on each task sheet is also worth a specific value (shown by the point values listed in the instructor manual). It is expected that the lab instructor will accurately grade each question and take off points if the questions are not fully correct.

Journal Article Assignment (JAA): up to one WEEK late BUT it will be worth only 50% of the points obtained from correctly answering the questions; after that no late work will be accepted.    

  • Q & A format:    
    • Return to student if the student didn't list the question #s but instead wrote an essay.
    • They have 1 business day to resubmit without missing points.    
    • They do not need to write out the actual question.
  • Plagiarism - 10 questions overall (2, 3, 4A, 4B, 4C, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 6):
    • 5 questions or less - take off all points for that question regardless of the amount of plagiarism.
    • 6 or more questions:
      1. go to writing center tutor (student makes an appointment);
      2. instructor must receive confirmation from tutor after appointment has been completed
      3. resubmit JAA in their own words (3 business days after the time/date you sent your email)
      4. 10% off points earned
  • Sentence number requirement by question: If the students do not follow these sentence requirements, take half off for each question or subquestion. See rubric:
      1. 1 sentence
      2. All 8 sentences
      3. Between 7-9
      4. Between 7-9A.
      5. Between 6-9, B. 1, C. Between 6-9 , D.
      6. Between 8-9 Between 4-6

Term Definitions:

  • Must be completed by the final Moodle submission date and time using the assigned materials. They will not be reopened.
  • If the student accurately defines the terms in their own handwriting for that unit, they will receive 5 points per term list.

Name Cards:

  • Students must affix a wallet-sized photo of their face to the name card during the first week of lab for five points.
  • They need to set out their name card for you and their classmates to view during each lab.
  • You will make note if they used the card during lab and will give them points on five separate occasions, unadvertised.
  • They must turn in the name card along with their task sheet or post-quiz each week.

Extra points: only the extra credit options listed on the main page of the Moodle metacourse site (under the Extra Points heading) are allowed. Do not award any other extra points.

Please grade all items in a timely manner; within a week of receiving them from the students.