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The 2022 "Be A Bengal nominees" were recognized on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, with a reception recognizing their amazing efforts and commitment to hope, trust, stability and compassion!

Thanks to Lookout Credit Union for their sponsorship of the Be A Bengal program!

Their continued support of this program enhances the mission and vision of Idaho State University!


2022 Be a Bengal of the Year Winners

Our 1st place winners received a beautiful basket of gifts from Lookout Credit Union and ISU. ISU provided a 1 year reserved parking tag for the yearly winners!

HOPE - Eliezer (Eli) Schwarz, Biological Science, Idaho Falls

TRUST - Cali Bell, Academic Affairs

STABILITY - Pageant Jones, Mathematics Dept., Idaho Falls 

COMPASSION - Phil Jones, College of Technology

Our 2nd place winners received a $100 gift card from Lookout Credit Union!

HOPE - Andy Taylor, Disability Services

TRUST - Tara Smith, College of Business

STABILITY - Kristen Barrington, Dept. of Occupational Therapy

COMPASSION - Danny Sullivan, Information Technology Systems, Meridian 

Congratulations to all 2022 nominees and winners! Be a Bengal Nominees listed below. 

Nominees: Each month Lookout Credit Union provided 4 - $25 gift cards for a drawing in the categories of hope, trust, stability and compassion! All nominees are announced monthly in ISU Today!


Ben Cowell - Stability

Cory Astin - Hope

Lance Roe - Stability

Spencer Jardine - Trust

Yaritza Barrera - Stability

Jessica Winston - Hope

Mikel Mecham - Stability

Gail Burget - Stability



Stephanie Harris - Stability

Amy Avila - Stability

Jenna Hopkin - Stability

Joel Burkman - Stability

Dawson Erickson - Stability

Supe Lyon - Compassion

Jason Russell - Stability

Karen Homstad - Compassion

Ranee Parker - Trust

Zach Cameron - Stability

Danay Hanson - Stability



Stetson Tolman - Stability

Abdul Azizi - Trust

Maggie Leitch - Stability

Angie Dangerfield - Hope

Bob Ellis - Hope

Ben Crosby - Stability



Laura Blad - Stability

Bonnie Liston - Hope

Nicole Joseph - Stability

Jordan Saldate - Stability

Ben Mills - Compassion

Nicole Fishburn - Stability

Braeden Tolman - Stability 



Brock DeWall - Trust

Morgan Williams - Hope

Ben Mills - Stability

Nicole Hoxit - Stability

David Jenkins - Compassion

Carolin Glendenning-Bowman - Compassion

Lance Blanchard - Stability

Stuart Jones - Compassion

Chanel Quirk - Hope

Tyler Jepson - Trust

Casey Quiroz - Stability

Amber Tews - Compassion



Dawson Erickson - Hope

Zach Cameron - Hope

Jennifer Sterbentz - Hope

Chris Wagner - Hope



Nick Tranmer - Hope

Todd Johnson - Trust

Erin Joy - Trust

Amy Dressel - Hope



Amber Spracklin - Compassion

Minhaz Zibran - Hope

Minhaz Zibran - Hope (2)

Braeden Tolman - Stability

Marianne Cowgill - Compassion

Katie Baca - Trust

Farjana Eishita - Trust

Sandy Shea - Hope

Stetson Tolman - Stability

Wendy Horne - Compassion

Melody Weaver - Stability



Marcus Aust - Stability

Amy Dressel - Stability

Crew Keller - Compassion

Jana Bodily-Roan - Stability

Linda Alexander - Compassion

Penny Stringham - Compassion

Ashley Larson - Hope

Amber Tews - Compassion

Amber Tews - Stability

Ryan Sargent - Hope

Mark Cook - Stability

Ignacio (Nacho!) Lozano - Stability

Noelette Stout - Stability

Lawrence Archuleta - Stability

Storm Jansson - Hope

Rick Fowler - Hope



Cathy Salazar - Hope

David Heath - Compassion

Rachael Johnston - Compassion

Stephanie Richardson - Hope

Kim Gratiot - Stability



Michael Jones - Stability

Danielle Pew - Compassion

Kristen Barrington - Compassion

Laura McRae - Hope

Laura McRae - Stability

Paul Ruggerio - Stability

Dotsie Schultz - Hope

Mindy Ellsworth - Compassion

Jay Broda - Compassion

Kim Gratiot - Compassion

Lance Blanchard - Stability

Kelsey West - Stability

Ann Thomson - Miscellaneous

Lewis Burnham - Stability

Donielle Whitney - Hope

Jason Reed - Stability



Amy Hardy  - Stability

Camron Moon - Compassion

Darren Erickson - Stability

David Staddon - Stability X 2!

Diana Gull - Compassion

Edward Bold - Stability

Gracie Quinn - Hope

Jean McGivney-Burelle - Trust

Julia Horne - Stability

Randy Bowen - Compassion

Rick Pongratz - Compassion

Rodney Jackson - Trust

Samantha Blatt - Hope

Samantha Blatt - Compassion X 3!

Spencer Andersen - Stability

Stephen McMichael - Trust

Wes Clezie - Trust